Sunday, 6 May 2012


I decided to schedule this post so I could try it out. Plus I'll be at church tommorow when this posts.

My baseball team split the double header. I pitched the second game going 4 innings and got an inside the park homer. I also played outfield and got some interesting comments out there. (Not rude or anything.... Just weird). It was fun and it wasn't as hot as I expected.

Also.... the reason I chose Way To Many Cards as my blog name was because in 2008 my uncle gave me TONS and TONS of cards. I thought I hit the jackpot. Mostly junk wax but I didn't know that until last June\July. Now I have a bunch of cards I probably can't sell and don't have room for.

Overall yesterday was a good day and I hope I have more to post Monday.

Friend of the Evil Empire and youngest person to have a baseball card blog (I think)

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  1. Welcome aboard!! Always good to have another blog to read :)