Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Being lazy

Sorry guys. I've just been REALLY lazy. Just it being summer and lazyness=no posts. SORRY.

Also I picked value packs of Gypsy Queen and Bowman. Liked both designs. I'll get to those next week.

I also picked up the 2011 Topps complete set at Wal-Mart. I'm thinking of trying to get them all signed and save them for my kids.

I'm going to be working the next few day.


Sunday, 3 June 2012

Nothing New

I have absolutely nothing new to talk about. My baseball team lost again 7-6. I was the first one on base though and the first one to score. Other than that I stunk. I played center and ran the fastest I ever have to get a ball that went to the fence through the gap.

I haven't been able to open up a SINGLE pack in months. I just made 150 dollars. What would be the best box to open?

Knee still hurts. Gotta do a little running though.

Thanks for reading,

Sunday, 20 May 2012

It's been a while since I posted. Since summer's coming up and I have school finals and I gotta study for that. Anyways, my team had a baseball game yesterday and we lost 12-8. It was a time limit and because we started out REALLY slow that hurt us. I hit off and got to third and the third baseman missed the ball. I got up and started to go home. My knee just went dead and I almost fell. I got home but man does it hurt. I struck out and walked also. Still it was good expierence playing first and getting a piece of the action almost every time. Also we got a double play so that was great too.

Onto other news.... The Yankees are just stinking it up. I got MLB At Bat and almost every game I look at they lose. I don't know, maybe I need to quit looking at the games.

I haven't been able to pick up any new cards lately but that should stop once summer comes and I get some more money. I'm thinking of trying to finish Allen and Ginter and possibly Topps Archives. Gypsy Queen seems third or forth on the list for now.

Also, I'm curious.... Would anybody like to do a box break of a new product? Just wondering....


Saturday, 12 May 2012


Since the www.mojobeardy, and just about everyone else has said something about Junior Seau and football I decided to throw my two cents in.

I play Junior High Football. I am 13 and scared to death of concussions. I decided to try it out for one year and see what it was like. I was sore and hated it sometimes but it was fun. I'm going to do it again this year for school. BUT I've decided I probably won't play past High School (if even that). I have basketball and baseball to fall on and I enjoy those even more than football. I don't need concussions ruining my life.

But onto Junior Seau. When he played for the Patriots he was one of my most favorite players. He helped lead the Patriots to a Super Bowl. I will always remember him and Tedy Bruschi. I was shocked to see the ESPN headline at that K-Mart.

 But all things happen for a reason and maybe football will become safer, and I won't have to quit after High School. Who knows?

But for the time being I'm staying safe.

 Friend of the Evil Empire, Youngest Person to have a baseball card blog (I think)

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Golden Age of Card Collecting?

I'm only 13. I don't remember the Golden Age. If people even call it that. I don't remember when no one was worried if they had to pick up a random color card for their teams. I don't remember when there wasn't autographs and relics in every single card. (At least it seems like it) Sadly I never got to expierence that. Man, I wouldn't have to worry if I got one bad card because they all were good for trade. I have TONS of cards I don't need.

I wish I could've expierenced that. But for the time being time travel is impossible. Maybe just maybe we can sell all our cards and make a time machine. Then we can see our pasts selves. That's an interesting idea.

I just kid but with the world going nuts over crazy stuff.... Maybe we need to stop and remember the older days. (I'm not calling anybody old)

All that was pulled out of my crazy head in five minutes. Anyways, quick question.... If you run, walk, jump rope, skip etc. how long do you go? My goal is by the end of the summer to be able to run 4 miles without stopping.

    Friend of the Evil Empire and youngest person to have a baseball card blog,

Sunday, 6 May 2012


I decided to schedule this post so I could try it out. Plus I'll be at church tommorow when this posts.

My baseball team split the double header. I pitched the second game going 4 innings and got an inside the park homer. I also played outfield and got some interesting comments out there. (Not rude or anything.... Just weird). It was fun and it wasn't as hot as I expected.

Also.... the reason I chose Way To Many Cards as my blog name was because in 2008 my uncle gave me TONS and TONS of cards. I thought I hit the jackpot. Mostly junk wax but I didn't know that until last June\July. Now I have a bunch of cards I probably can't sell and don't have room for.

Overall yesterday was a good day and I hope I have more to post Monday.

Friend of the Evil Empire and youngest person to have a baseball card blog (I think)

Saturday, 5 May 2012


Bloger decided since I edited a post from 5 months ago that I went back in time. -_- Anyways.... Today my Senior League\ Middle School Baseball Team has a game. Now living in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico means you have to leave town to find teams. Well, I'm going 45 minutes away to play a double header game in Texas. In the middle of spring.... When it's like a billion degrees outside. I play first base, pitcher, and outfield. I'm left handed so they took me out of shortstop, 2nd base, 3rd base, and catcher. I like playing catcher.... I enjoy getting the ball every single pitch. But because I'm left handed I can't really throw to third. So I don't get to play catcher.

Anyways I like said I am a fun of the Yankees. I have been corrupted I know. I went with my mom when she had a dentist appointment one day and afterwards we went to K-Mart. Th redneck version of Wal-Mart.... I'm just kidding but still.... That place kinda scares me. Anyways every time I see a K-Mart I get a book. Back in Feburary I got the book Act of Valor by Tom Clancy, George Galdorsi and Dick Couch. It's a book based off the movie. I'm not here to review the book because that's for a day when I can't think of anything to post.

Looking in the bargain books bin I found two books that caught my eye, Mike and Mike's Rules for Sports and Life by the Mike's of ESPN and Andrew Chaikivsky and Steinbrenner- The Last Lion of Baseball by Bill Madden. It has some language in it which caused me to quit reading for about 2 minutes. I haven't finished so I can't review it yet.

Also at K-Mart I picked up a blaster of Topps Flagship for 22 bucks. Slightly overpriced but oh well. One card fixed that. Sadly being 13 I don't have a scanner so you'll have to trust me on this.

First off:

1987 Topps Minis:

David Wright-Mets
Eric Hosmer-Royals
Roy Halladay-Phillies
Michael Young-Rangers

Everybody's already seen the Golden Inserts for the hundreth billionth time so that's not getting on here.

My "hit" was a Nolan Ryan Historical Stitches Card. Books for 20 bucks. Made my money back right there.

I don't really feel like selling it for a bit so it'll stay unless I get some trade offers.

Also any and all want lists and trade bait pages will (hopefully) be up by next Saturday.

Friend of the Evil Empire, Youngest Person to have a baseball card blog (I think).