Saturday, 12 May 2012


Since the www.mojobeardy, and just about everyone else has said something about Junior Seau and football I decided to throw my two cents in.

I play Junior High Football. I am 13 and scared to death of concussions. I decided to try it out for one year and see what it was like. I was sore and hated it sometimes but it was fun. I'm going to do it again this year for school. BUT I've decided I probably won't play past High School (if even that). I have basketball and baseball to fall on and I enjoy those even more than football. I don't need concussions ruining my life.

But onto Junior Seau. When he played for the Patriots he was one of my most favorite players. He helped lead the Patriots to a Super Bowl. I will always remember him and Tedy Bruschi. I was shocked to see the ESPN headline at that K-Mart.

 But all things happen for a reason and maybe football will become safer, and I won't have to quit after High School. Who knows?

But for the time being I'm staying safe.

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