Friday, 23 December 2011

New I think

I'm new I think. Been looking around on the various blogs since about June\July but been collecting since about 6. I'm 13 so don't blame me for various mishapps that will happen. :)
I collect Albert Pujols though he went to the Angels. I'm a Yankees and Cardinals fan. I like Upper Deck Masterpieces and hope I can collect both 07 and 08. I wanna hold a group break for it but we'll see. I quit collecting for a while because of video games but got back in. I have way to many cards so I'm always open for a trade. Also don't blame if I get six months without a post. That's already happened.

Friend of the Evil Empire, Random Card Collector, Probably youngest person to have a blog for baseball cards. Has a nice ring right?

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